SSRM Langar Signup and Supplies Checklist

Langar sign up sheet 2020

Langar & Supplies Checklist

Recommend supplies to bring for monthly Gurdwara Langar.
Contact one of the following langar coordinators if you have any questions:

Alka Mehra,                   " <>,
Chander Prabha,                       prabha singh <>,
Leena Kanwar               
Please note this is an estimate for 60-70 people, amount of food needs to be adjusted if there are more people. Click this link to open

Host duties
  • The hall key must be picked up from the langar coordinators before the Gurdwara.

  • Be at the Church around 4pm to open, set up the hall.

  • Stay to the end of the evening to make sure everything is clean, table and chairs set up, turn off the lights and lock up.

  • Invite families, friends to attend the gurdwara and to do Sukhmani Sahib paath around 4:15.

  • Help with Langar set up and at the end distribute the left over Langar or take it back home.

  • Take back all the supplies (paper products, food, drinks etc) We don't have space at the church to store extra items.

  • The shelves provided by the church are to be used only for items needed to set up the Gurdwara and Langar.

Please give board members a call if you have any questions.